Hand Loomed Pure Cotton Fabric

Product by Vidhyashish हथकरघा
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A meticulously hand-loomed pure cotton striped & plain Fabric. Popular for Dressmaking like- Kurta, Shirt, etc. The multicolored cotton yarns are woven to give a beautiful luster.

Size & Pattern

  • Available in 42", 54" & 56" Width
  • Stripes (Narrow/Wide or combination of both), Plain or Check Patterns


  • Knitted with pure cotton yarn
  • Soft, Lightweight & Breathable Fabric
  • Absorbs body Moisture as well as dries quickly
  • Anti-Bacterial
  • Temperate (cool in summer, hot in winter)
  • Attractive in design
  • Totally sattvik and non-violent
  • Manufactured from the eco-friendly weaving process
  • Knitted with pure cotton yarns
  • Useful for a relatively long time
  • Superior in Quality
  • Weaved by skilled artisans.
  • Product of Self Reliance

Special Note

# Cotton fabric is available in a wide range of Colors and chequered designs. We also have lot of Plain/Stripe designs in Linen fabric available.

Material & Care

  • 100% Cotton
  • Hand Wash in Cold Water
  • Avoid drying in direct sunlight
  • Soak in water for at least 8-10 Hrs before stitching.

Price : ₹350 ₹300 *includes tax

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