Handloom Made Cotton Vrati Saree

Product by Vidhyashish हथकरघा
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Pure Cotton sarees (available for both girls and women) to wear at the time of Poojan/worship in the temple and Aahar-Daan to saints.


  • Available in white and all other colors
  • Amazing colored stripe design on the edges and borders.
  • Striped or Plain pattern in Pallu/Anchal
  • Totally sattvik and non-violent
  • Manufactured from the eco-friendly weaving process
  • Weaved with pure cotton yarn
  • Temperate (cool in summer, hot in winter)
  • Useful for a relatively long time
  • Superior in Quality
  • Woven by skilled and skilled weavers
  • Product of the process of self-reliance initiative
  • A step towards self-reliant India

Special Note

# Saree are also available in other colors and designs on special demand.
# Sarees for Mataji / Sadhviji / Tyagi-Vratis / Shravikas are also available in desired size (length-width).

Price : ₹1250 ₹1150 *includes tax

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